A-Ray Scanner

A-Ray Scanner scans game CD/DVDs and displays information about the DVD copy protection that has been used to "protect" the DVD. The software program is capable of identifying all the important DVD copy protections including SafeDisk, SecuRom or StarForce, Tages, ProtectCD...

This is a list of the Copy Protections that A-Ray Scanner V2 can detect:

ActiveMARK, Bitpool, Cactus Data Shield 200, CD-Cops, CDLock, CDProtector, CodeLock, Copykiller, DiscGuard, LaserLock, LaserLock Marathon, ProtectCD, ProtectCD-VOB, SafeDisc, SafeDisc Lite, SecuROM Old, SecuROM New, SecuROM 2-7, Settec Alpha Rom, Smarte, Slovak Protector (SVKP), CodeLock, DVDCrypt CSS/CPPM, Libcrypt (PSX), Safedisc, Safedisc DVD, SecuROM, SecuROM DVD, Sysiphus, Tages, 3P-Lock, CD-Lock, CodeLock, JoWood Xprot, ProtectCD, ProtectCD-VOB, Safedisc, Safedisc Lite, SecuROM Old, SecuROM New, SecuROM 2-7, Smarte, Starforce, Slovak Protector (SVKP).

A-Ray Scanner Screenshot

A-Ray Scanner Interface

A-Ray Scanner Screenshot

A-Ray Scanner Settings


Latest version: (03 May 2005)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Download: Setup_ArayScanner2023.exe (387 KB)
Alternate download location 1: Setup_ArayScanner2023.exe
Alternate download location 2: Setup_ArayScanner2023.exe

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