AIMP 3.60 Build 1425 Beta 2

AIMP is a powerful audio player and internet radio player that allows you to listen to CDA, AAC, AC3, APE, DTS, FLAC, MP3, OGG, OPUS, WAV, WMA, MIDI, MO3, MOD, M4A.. etc. and record your favorite music with an outstanding sound quality. AIMP includes a 18-band equalizer with presets, a visualization window to display rhythmic visual effects, support for CUE sheets and ID3 tags and a playlist editor to organize your audio files. It can also be customized with skins. Besides playing music, AIMP features some extra utilities which also enable you to view or edit ID3 Tags, convert audio files, rip audio CDs, search and download album covers and more. AIMP is built light, simple and robust and won't slow down your computer like other digital music players.

What's new in this version: added an ability to change scrobbling threshold
Fixed: Sound engine - application UI freezes at 1 second while pausing / stopping the playback
Fixed: Sound Engine - wrong bitrate is displayed for the playable file
Fixed: Sound Engine - player hangs in some cases when change the default output device
Fixed: Info about the file - tab with additional information about the playable radio station was missed
Fixed: Info about the file - file size is not updated after save changes
Fixed: Info about the file - a rounding error of milliseconds during format time value by the "mm:ss" template
Fixed: Bookmark manager - files adding does not work correctly
Fixed: Bookmark manager - path to latest opened folder does not stored
Fixed: Playlist - an error occurs if trying to send URL-item to other playlist
Fixed: Skin Engine - position of the "Quick File Info" dialog calculates incorrectly if the taskbar is placed on secondary screen
Fixed: Skin Engine - maximized window always restores on the main screen after minimization
Fixed: Skin Engine - an error occurs when trying to undock mini-player via mouse
Fixed: Skin Engine - reduce flickering of album art display during switch the tracks
Fixed: Skin Engine - "-" symbol is displayed in the TextDisplay element after seek the playable file to beginning
Fixed: Skin Engine - some minor bugs were fixed
Fixed: - incorrect logic of scrobbler with the AlbumArtist tag field
Fixed: - value of the "Album" field is ignored when fetching the album art for the playable track
Fixed: - plugin stops playback because of crash if playable file is virtual
Fixed: - albums does not scrobbled
Fixed: few bugs with localization of some elements
Minor bugs were fixed

AIMP Screenshot

AIMP Interface

Latest version: 3.60 Build 1425 Beta 2 (20 Sep 2014)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Download: aimp_3.60.1425_beta_2.exe (8.8 MB)
Download: 400 AIMP Skins (65.7 MB)

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