AVIMux GUI is an application that allows to combine several video, audio or subtitle files into one file, with out without size restriction, allowing to configure properties of the output file to a deeper level than usual for such applications. AVI-Mux GUI is discontinued.

AVIMux GUI key features:

Supported input file types:
- All file format readers have been rewritten from scratch and do not depend on bugs of 3rd party parsers

Supported output formats:
AVI, MKV, raw (MPx, AC3, DTS...), ATDS-AAC, OGG/Vorbis
- the AVI, MKV and OGG muxers does not depend on any third party bugs either (ADTS is too simple to speak about a "muxer")
- supports Open-DML AVI files No size limitation for AVI files (note: this breaks many hardware MPEG4 players)
- supports creating rec list Forces Microsoft's AVI Splitter to read AVI files sequentially, without seeking on the disc (note: this breaks many hardware MPEG4 players)
- easy splitting Split large files by size, by time or by chapter boundary. See here for more information.
- handles MPx/AAC-in-AVI You can use MPx, AAC and HE-AAC audio in your AVI files. Those files are 100% compliant to the AVI file specification
- extracting most stream types All stream types that can be extracted in "raw mode", like MP3, AC3, DTS, as well as AAC and OGG/Vorbis streams can be extracted from source AVI/MKV files. SRT and SSA subtitles can be extracted from AVI files.
- own cache An own cache increases performance over using the Windows file cache
- repair files Some typical bugs in AVI files causing by some known applications can be fixed without remuxing the file
- Mode 2 - Form 2 reading Files which are stored on CDs using the Mode 2 - Form 2 - format, or files which someone copied from such a CD using Windows Explorer, can be accessed directly
- Vorbis-in-AVI reading AVI files containing Vorbis audio in a way compatible to what ffmpeg does can be used as data source. Note that writing such files is not yet possible in AVI-Mux GUI.
- join AVI/MKV files with SSA subtitles This works even when the SSA style definitions of the source files collide: AVI-Mux GUI will recreate them.
- real file type identification AVI-Mux GUI doesn't care about the file name when identifying a file type, so it cannot be fooled by people who rename MKV, or, even worse, OGM files, to .AVI just to get more hits on eMule.

AVIMux GUI Screenshot

AVIMux GUI Interface

Latest version: (17 Feb 2010)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Download: AVI-Mux_GUI- (760 KB)

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