ActivePresenter Free Edition 4.0

ActivePresenter is a software tool designed for screencasting, eTraining and eLearning. With fast smart screen capture technology and a powerful authoring environment, ActivePresenter includes all the tools needed to record a presentation and convert the output to video AVI, MP4, WMV, WebM or images JPEG, PNG. ActivePresenter Free Edition provides a simple and economic way to create a short presentation video and upload it to the web (e.g. With its smart and fast screen capture ability, ActivePresenter reproduces your on-screen activity and records in video, sound, image or text formats within few minutes. Coupled with a powerful yet easy-to-use authoring environment, you can easily create advanced simulations, scenarios, quizzes or online documentation just by operating on target application and let ActivePresenter do the jobs for you. No programming or multimedia skills needed. NO WATERMARK AND NO TIME LIMIT!

Freeware and Shareware:
ActivePresenter is distributed as both Freeware and Shareware in one package. The freeware version only allows you to generate Video and Image series. Free Edition is free of charge, as its name implies. With the Free Edition, you can easily create video demonstrations for your software within minutes (AVI, MP4, WMV, WebM). The Free License is automatically installed by default. See Features Comparison for more details.

New Features & Enhancements in ActivePresenter version 4.0:

Export To HTML5 Simulation.
Support Drag-n-Drop:
Add Drop Area interaction.
Add Drag-n-Drop question.
Add lines, arrows, and various shape types.
Previewing multiple slides on Slide Canvas.
Improve the capture frame rate (FPS) in full motion recording (about 25% faster).
Add an option to show an object or play an audio/video without blocking subsequent actions.
Find and replace text in slides objects.
Add MKV container format (uses Flash Screen video codec, 16-bit PCM audio codec) when exporting to video.
Add 16-bit PCM audio codec when capturing for highest audio quality.
Add three levels to set the height of the audio waveform bar in Timeline.
Allow setting Project Language.
Support Right-To-Left languages:
Support editing RTL languages in editor.
Support RTL languages when exporting to Images, Videos and HTML5 Simulations.
Enhance Quiz/Question editing functionalities:
Add quick tools on the right side of selected question for quick editing.
Change the way to interact with sub-objects in a question.
Add an option to allow displaying sub-objects and objects started by event in Timeline.
Allow exporting/importing the library and configurations of ActivePresenter to/from an external file.
Allow capturing/editing/exporting the Active Window area. This feature is primary used in document outputs.
Replace the slide backgrounds by capturing or using slide backgrounds from another project.
Allow editing output texts (name of tools in toolbar, messages) in HTML5/Flash Simulation so user can create the content for any languages.
The Slide Titles window displays slide names which use HTML tags in formatted text.
Start editing annotation text by clicking the text area instead of double-clicking.
Resources in the Image/Media library can be shown either in list items or thumbnails.
Support recording audio from Speakers (System Audio) in the Audio page of the Properties dialog.
Option to allow pasting HTML copied from other applications as plain text or HTML format.
Add 14 common gesture effects.
Option to generate the index page when exporting To HTML5/Flash Simulation or not.
SCORM 2004 raw score is stored as percentage value if Pass Condition is in percentage. Otherwise, it is stored as an absolute value.
The quality range of audio/video is changed to [1...100]. Either quality or bit rate option is available depends on selected codec.

Bugs Fixed:
Text in shape is not saved when the editor lost the focus.
When pasting an interaction from other slides, the shape in current slide may be disappeared because it is added to the actions list of interaction.
SCORM 1.2 raw score is not scaled in range [1...100].
Incorrect default file name and location in the Save As dialog.

Deprecated Features:
AJAX Simulation is now superseded by the all new HTML5 Simulation and so got removed.
Drop support for Microsoft Office 2000.

ActivePresenter Screenshot

ActivePresenter Interface

Latest version: 4.0 (30 Jun 2014)
License: Freeware (paid upgrade available)
System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8
Download: ActivePresenter_setup.exe (38.4 MB)

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