Aegisub 3.1.3

Aegisub is a highly customizable subtitle editor which assists in the creation of subtitles, translations and complex overlays using audio or video. It features a lot of convenient tools to help you with timing, typesetting, editing and translating subtitles, as well as a powerful scripting environment called Automation (originally mostly intended for creating karaoke effects, Automation can now be used much else, including creating macros and various other convenient tools). Other features include functions and hotkeys easily synchronizing audio/video and subtitles, syntax highlighting, Keyframe navigation for fast seeking to scene boundaries, translation assistant to easily translate subtitles, audio timing and playback mode, and much more.

Aegisub Screenshot

Aegisub Interface

Latest version: 3.1.3 (07 Apr 2014)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Download 32-bit: Aegisub-3.1.3-32.exe (28.8 MB)
Download 64-bit: Aegisub-3.1.3-64.exe (32.7 MB)
Download portable 32-bit: Aegisub-3.1.3-portable-32.exe (14.6 MB)
Download portable 64-bit: Aegisub-3.1.3-portable-64.exe (15.7 MB)

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