Cut Assistant Beta

Cut Assistant helps cutting video files (wmv, avi), for examaple to get rid of commercials within a TV recording. It does not do the cutting itself but is a windows GUI (graphical user interface) for external video cut applications like the command line utility asfbin.exe as well as for VirtualDub and AviDemux. With these tools it can cut videos without re-encoding.

- DirectShow installed (uses InfinitePinTee, VideoRenderer, SampleGrabber, NullRenderer).
- Codecs for the movie files to edit.
- For wmv-Files: asfbin.exe or asfcut.exe
- For Avi-Files: virtualdub.exe V.1.6.16. or Avidemux2.exe

What's new in Cut Assistant version beta:
- Added display of pin information to used filters.
- Improved multi-thread behaviour of ShowFrames method.
- Enabled command line parameter -trycutlistdownload.
- Fixed duplicate search result items when searching local cutlists by size and name.
- Force extension of search result entries to ".cutlist".
- Improved copy snapshot method.
- Fixed message string when rating cutlist.
- Use additional setting "ActivateKeyFrameGrabber" to activate experimental use of key frame grabber.
- Use additional setting "AutoReplaceCuts" for automatic replacement of intervening cuts.
- Added automatic selection of active cut when navigating through cuts.
- Auto select single search result in BatchMode.
- Use additional setting "ShowSearchResultInBatch" to enable search result selection in batch mode.

Cut Assistant Screenshot

Cut Assistant Interface

Latest version: Beta (30 Oct 2008)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Download: Cut_Assistant_0.9.12.2.ZIP (830 KB)
Download beta: Cut_Assistant_0.9.13.16.ZIP (875 KB)

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