HC Encoder 0.26 Beta

HCenc is a simple to use MPEG2 video encoder and is meant for creating MPEG2 video streams with a strong focus on DVD-compliancy. All MPEG2 SD / HD resolutions are supported, maximum resolution: 1920 x 1152. Two versions are available, a GUI version (HCgui) which is easy to use and the actual encoder (HCenc) which is controlled by a serie of commands in an ini file, it can also take parameters. The GUI version will only generate the ini file, it uses HCenc to do the actual encoding. If you have a CPU which can do SSE4 you can use the Hcenc_025_SSE4.exe version. It is slightly faster, the easiest way is to simply delete Hcenc_025.exe and rename Hcenc_025_SSE4.exe to Hcenc_025.exe.

Main features of HCenc:

- easy to use GUI
- SD and HD resolutions are supported
- input via Avisynth or DGIndex
- 1-pass or 2-pass variable bitrate (VBR) encoding
- automatic or fixed GOP structure
- scene change detection
- total control over quantization matrices
- supports multiprocessing
- 23.976 --> 29.97 pulldown
- and much more...

HC Encoder Screenshot

HC Encoder Interface

Latest version: 0.26 Beta (19 Jun 2011)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Download: HC026_beta_16-06-2011.zip (1.94 MB)

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