Leiming's x264 GUI 2009-04-18

This is a GUI for x264 which is just like the x264VFW. H.264 is the latest and greatest of all video formats so far. x264 is the best of the H.264 encoders although it has a learning curve and so is not used as often as it should. It is heavily used by large companies (Google, Facebook, Vudu to name a few) and its open source nature means it can be modified for live broadcast, Blu-Ray authoring and web video creation as well as many more implementations.

The main features of the program are:

- Very VFW-liked.
- Add awful number of files once.
- Support AVS Script preset, so using non-avs files as input is possible.
- Conditional double passes, estimating the right Q means finishing in only one pass.
- Support audio encoding and automated muxing.
- Support automated double passes.
- Support shutdown after jobs done.
- Support log recoding.
- Can work as an audio encoding GUI
- Bitrate calculated automated.

Special system requirements:

- AviSynth
- x264 Video Codec

Leiming's x264 GUI Screenshot

Leiming's x264 GUI Settings

Latest version: 2009-04-18 (18 Apr 2009)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
Download: lmx264gui-20090418.zip (134 KB)

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