MPfm Music Player for Musicians

Discover a new way to listen to your music library. MPfm has a lot of common features with other music players, such as gapless playback, support for most popular sound formats, tagging, etc. However, if you are a musician, this player offers interesting features such as time shifting, loops and markers to help you pick songs by ear. MPfm is freeware and open source, the application is released under the GPLv3 license.

Filter Library by Sound Format
Most audio players support a wide variety of sound formats (FLAC, MP3, OGG, etc.). However, none let you filter your library by sound format as easily as MPfm; just use the "Filter by Sound Format" combo box.

Time Shifting
Picking up complex rythmic sections by ear is much easier when you use time shifting. You can slow down or speed up audio streams from 50% up to 150%.

You are practicing a hard solo on your guitar and you can't make it to the end of the bridge? With MPfm, you can create loops to practice specific parts of your songs. That way, you can stay on your instrument instead of reaching for the mouse every minute!

You can create markers that can used for looping sections in a song for practice.

MPfm Music Player for Musicians Screenshot

MPfm Music Player for Musicians Interface

Latest version: (01 May 2012)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Download: MPfm_setup_0.6.0.0.exe (2.0 MB)
Alternate download location: MPfm_setup_0.6.0.0.exe

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