MpTagThat 3.1.6

MPTagThat is a feature rich open source tag editor with a modern interface to tag all your music. This software enables you to get the full benefit of organizing, viewing, sorting and playing music, so it is invaluable for all music lovers. The program not only features tag editing, but also includes the extra functions such as audio playback, ripping, converting and burning music files. In respect of tagging, it allows auto tag from file names, identify files and tag from internet. More over, auto tagging of lyrics and album arts from internet are found to be very useful even though retrieving cover art takes a while. Other features of the program include organising or renaming files based on tag information, case conversion, removing tags, execute scripts, etc.

Some main features of MPTagThat are:
Tagging and Managing Music Files, including retrieving album cover art and Lyrics
Ripping of Audio CDs with FreeDB support
Burning of Audio CDs
Conversion into various audio Formats
Selecting files via Folder View or Database View
Leveling of Audio a.ka. ReplayGain

What's new in MpTagThat version 3.1.6:
Adding LastFM Cover Lookup
Added MusicBrainz Cover Lookup
Added Discogs Cover Lookup
Implemented Reading and saving of Opus Tags and Properties
Implemented Reading and saving of Tags and Properties for DSF File Format
Store Cover Art with the highest possible JPG Quality
Updated Project definition to .Net 4.5
Sorting on Track in the Grid didn't work correctly, because String Sorting was used instead of Numeric Sorting
Conversion: Run conversions in different threads.
ID3 Comments were not always cleared correctly
When not all information was returned from a MusicBrainz search, an NullPoinzter Exception was raised
Some File Types produced an error on Save, if all Tags have been removed

MPTagThat Screenshot

MPTagThat Interface

Latest version: 3.1.6 (15 Dec 2015)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10
Download: (10.1 MB)

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