Passion Audio Player 4.0

Passion Audio Player is a multimedia player that lets you enjoy many kind of files. The program supports audio, video and image formats that have installed DirectShow filters in your system. Passion Audio Player also supports artworks for files or CDs. You can play any MP3, WAV, AVI, DVD (VOB), MIDI, OGG, WMA, XM, FLAC, OFR, MPC, SPX, APE, MAC, TTA, MPEG, and many others. It's playback quality is excellent because it's based on the famous BASS Library which produces excellent playback quality. Additional features include support for Winamp (Classic) Skins, a 10 band equalizer with presets, visual effects, playlist editor, Freedb, generic and DSP Plugins support, WinAmp 2.x DSP plugins support, Monkeys Audio support, Zip files playback, and more. If you need a small player that uses few system resources and will work fine on slower computer, give it a try.

Passion Audio Player version 4.0 changelog:
Introduced first Linux version
Moved 100% of Delphi code to Lazarus and Free Pascal Compiler so that i will able to produce versions for other platforms like Linux and Mac
From now on all versions will be produced with Lazarus and Free Pascal Compiler.
Added Ctrl+A shortcut to select all songs in Play list
Esc exits from fullscreen on visuals only
Added True Audio files Support (TTA)
Removed Color Enhancement (It was delaying the program and it was not very useful)
Improved skin system so that it is possible to support more skin formats via input plugins
Faster skin loading
Removed print preview to make the program lighter
Removed system info
Removed file associations preferences tab. In order to associate audio files with Passion Audio Player use the OS functions instead to make it
Made some fixes to avoid visuals flickering
Rewrote some parts of the code

Passion Audio Player Screenshot

Passion Audio Player Interface

Latest version: 4.0 (14 May 2015)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows (All)
Download: passap40.exe (4.2 MB)
Download: (461 KB)

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