Quod Libet 3.2.1

Quod Libet is a versatile music player that supports the features you'd expect from a modern media player, like Unicode support, multimedia keys and advanced tag editing. Quod Libet distinguishes itself from other media players with its emphasis on simplicity, performance and search. The program supports all major audio formats such as FLAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, Musepack, MIDI, Monkey's Audio, True Audio , WAVE, WMA, WavPack and MOD. Quod Libet easily scales to libraries of thousands of songs. Other features include real shuffle mode, Replay Gain support, lyrics downloading and saving, Internet Radio ("Shoutcast"), album cover display, automatic tagging via MusicBrainz and CDDB, on-screen display pop-ups, Podcast and much more.

Quod Libet features:
Multiple audio back-ends (GStreamer, xine-lib)
Replay Gain support
Auto-selects between ‘track’ and ‘album’ mode based on current view and play order
Applies clipping prevention whenever available
Configurable default (fallback) and pre-amp values to suit any audio setup
Multimedia key support
Real shuffle mode, that plays the whole playlist before repeating
Weighted (by rating) random playback
Proper ‘Previous’ support in shuffle mode
A play queue
Bookmarks within files (or playlists, with a plugin)
Full Unicode support
Make changes to many files at once
Make changes across all supported file formats
Tag files based on their filenames with configurable formats
Rename files based on their tags
No ugly %a, %t patterns - more readable <artist>, <title> instead
Fast track renumbering
Watch directories and automatically add/remove new music
Hide songs on removable devices that may not always be there
Save song ratings and play counts
Lyrics downloading and saving
Internet Radio (“Shoutcast”) support
Audio Feeds (“Podcast”) support
...and much, much more.

What's new and fixed in this version:
Fix Ex Falso not starting in some cases.
Album art download plugin: Fix image file extension (Nick Boultbee)
Russian translation update (Anton Shestakov)

Quod Libet Screenshot

Quod Libet Interface

Latest version: 3.2.1 (17 Aug 2014)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Download: quodlibet-3.2.1-installer.exe (21.1 MB)
Download: quodlibet-3.2.1-portable.exe (20.1 MB)

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