ShareX 9.10.1

ShareX lets you take screenshots, save them to Windows clipboard, hard disk or upload them to over 30+ different remote locations including Imgur, Flicker, Twitpic, Dropbox, Pastebin and others, using simple hotkey combinations. The application can capture screenshots with different shapes: rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, triangle, diamond, polygon and also free hand. ShareX can enhance the capture with over 37 image effects, add a customizable text/image watermark to image, print image or copy it to the clipboard. It can also upload images, text files and all other different file types. Also included comes an FTP upload tool.

Starting with the version 8.0, the program is not limited to screen captures, it can also be used to record a selected area on your screen or the entire screen. The screen recording can be saved to local storage as an animated GIF file, or as a video file recorded through Video for Windows compressors. You can record screencasts in x264, VP8, or Xvid with different audio formats such as AAC, Vorbis or MP3 via FFmpeg.

ShareX version 9.10.1 changelog:
Added tips to region capture (F1 key will hide/show it)
Region capture startup time improvement
Region capture rectangle info will be shown at the top of the region instead of inside
Added coordinate info in region capture under magnifier (pressing Ctrl + C will copy coordinate to clipboard)
Numeric keys will capture the corresponding monitor while in region capture e.g. 1 will capture first monitor
~ key will capture monitor where cursor is in region capture
WebM changes to improve frame rate and quality
Dutch support (by @wforums)
Amazon S3 authentication v4 support (by @alanedwardes)
Added new task for capturing specific monitor region (by @danielbrezoi)
Added check box in update checker message box to prevent prompt until next startup
Improved Twitter UI in destination settings
Added skip message box and default message settings for Twitter
Error message boxes for FTP client and Tweet message if valid account is not found
In main window list Ctrl + C and Ctrl + X will check for shortened url, normal url, and file path to copy in that order. Ctrl + Shift + C will copy file path.

ShareX Screenshot

ShareX Interface

Latest version: 9.10.1 (17 May 2015)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Download: ShareX-9.10.1-setup.exe (4.3 MB)
Download: (5.1 MB)

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