SilverLight Removal Tool 2015.08.14

If the Silverlight plug-in isn't working for you and you are getting errors trying to either uninstall, reinstall or upgrade Silverlight, the SilverLight Removal Tool below will likely help you. The SilverLight Removal Tool will clean a corrupted Silverlight installation and then reinstall Silverlight runtime on you Windows computer. This may automatically fix the problem. The Microsoft SilverLight Removal Tool is designed to fix such issues by cleaning up corrupted installations, including removing or fixing corrupted files, removing or changing permissions registry entries, etc Please note that SilverLight Removal Tool should only be used if you can not uninstall the Silverlight software normally through the Add/Remove Programs window. You should always attempt to uninstall the SilverLight addon through the supplied uninstaller and only uninstall the Silverlight browser plug-In using the SilverLight Removal Tool if Windows "Add/Remove programs" tool fails.

SilverLight Removal Tool Screenshot

SilverLight Removal Tool

Latest version: 2015.08.14 (14 Aug 2015)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows Vista/7/8/10
Download: SilverLight Removal Tool (97.0 KB)

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