StreamTorrent 1.0 Build 0078

StreamTorrent is a free program for the Windows that allows users to watch – and stream – TV and videos over the Internet. The StreamTorrent channels list provides access to popular TV stations including BBC One, BBC Two, ESPN 360, Fox Sports 2, ESPN, HBO and others. The software uses P2P technology that is popular in similar applications like TVU Player which means that the computer's bandwidth is used to stream the contents to other users. The player itself is very similar to TVAnts and SopCast, which makes for an easier transition for users of those programs to switch with little issues to StreamTorrent. Stream Torrent provides access to live TV programs to unlimited numbers of users. This technology permits you to save a lot of time and bandwidth. Since the program uses the p2p protocol, the quality of broadcasts depends on the number of users online watching a particular channel. If more users are using that channel, the faster it buffers. The quality and stability of channels depends on signal strength, number of people tuning in to that channel and other factors.

StreamTorrent Troubleshooting
If you're having connection issues while trying to use StreamTorrent, problems starting the StreamTorrent application, error messages stating "Net State not Connected" with an red X or trouble starting playback of a movie or TV show, try these troubleshooting options:

StreamTorrent Port Forwarding
Before you start StreamTorrent you might have to open a few ports in your firewall and router:
IPv4 (TCP/UDP): 15800-15899
IPv6 (TCP/UDP): 15900-15999
Check if a port is open is via Open Port Check Tool and type in the port number your StreamTorrent is using.
If you don’t know how to open and forward ports, refer to the instructions on

Fix StreamTorrent connection errors using SmiteRedX
If nothing from above did not worked just use SmiteRedX (included in the zip file from below). It's a small piece of software that will help you fix the StreamTorrent connection problems. Before running SmiteRedX make sure that StreamTorrent is NOT running (check your system tray - bottom right of the screen next to the clock). If StreamTorrent is closed, double click on SmiteRedX, and follow the instructions. That's it. Now just wait a couple of minutes, than, hopefully the Red X is gone, you will get a Net State - Connection Perfect message.

StreamTorrent Screenshot

StreamTorrent Interface

Latest version: 1.0 Build 0078 (08 Apr 2011)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows (All)
Download: (2.2 MB)

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