Video Thumbnails Maker 6.3

Video Thumbnails Maker allows you to make thumbnails (caps, previews, screen-lists) and screenshots of video files. The utility can be used for home-video cataloging and for network video sharing support. Video Thumbnails Maker is coming with its own Viewer! The main advantage of the Viewer is the ability to start the related video-file right from the Viewer! Video Thumbnails Maker features include support for batch processing of video files, support for any video file format (even MOV, QT, FLV, SWF, RM if you have appropriate codecs), several ways to choose shots manually (including crop ability), command line interface support and more.

What's new in Video Thumbnails Maker version 6.3:
new: Old fashioned file list is replaced with the modern one. It is much faster, prettier and provides more functionality.
new: Now you can view up to 14 latest generated results immediately (on the fly), without waiting for entire list of files to be processed. Green triangle in front of the name of a file indicates the job is done. Click on it to view the result.
new: "Sort files alphabetically" and "Sort files by File's date-time" buttons are added to the main window.
new: "Please wait" animation is added to "Add folder" operation.
new: Confirmation dialog is added to delete operations.
changed: "Save each sheet into its own folder" feature is reworked and is renamed to "Save each job into its own folder".
changed: "Show the result" function in the main window (~ tilde hotkey) works regardless "Memory economy mode" checkbox is set ON or OFF.
changed: Double click on video item to run your system's default associated video player for that type of video (middle mouse button works as well). Also you can start the video on the fly, while thumbnail sheets are generating.
changed: Better support for 125% and 150% Windows scaling mode.
changed: VTM does not generate duplicate TXT and XML files for each separate shot anymore.
changed: MXF file format is replaced with M2TS file format.
changed: CTRL+Z (Undo) feature is removed.
changed: The size of the main window is increased. Many cosmetic changes.
fixed: Crystal Engine could create duplicate shots under certain circumstances.
fixed: Filter is added to "Add files" operation (it works for drag and drop operations as well). You can choose file types to filter in Environment window (F3 hotkey), "Add files with the following extensions" section. That setting is used everywhere in the program (while adding files, folders, drag and drop operations).
fixed: General CSV and XML files were placed into wrong locations with wrong filenames under some Environment settings.
fixed: Separate VTX shots did not contain proper information.
fixed: "Use Crystal engine automatically if selected engine have failed" function did not work properly.
fixed: VTM failed to abort the job under certain circumstances.

Video Thumbnails Maker Screenshot

Video Thumbnails Maker Settings

Latest version: 6.3 (15 Jul 2014)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8
Download: (12.6 MB)
Alternate download location:

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