Windows Media Player Plus! 2.7

Windows Media Player Plus! is a free plug-in for Windows Media Player that adds various user interface and playback enhancements. Windows Media Player Plus! includes the following enhancements: Tag Editor Plus, an alternative for Windows Media Player's Advanced Tag Editor. Real 'find as you type' in the library - you can simply start typing to search, without having to click on the Search field first. Access the standard Explorer right-click menu of a media file directly from within Windows Media Player. Restore last active playlist, media item, and playback position at WMP startup. Show currently playing media in WMP title bar and more.

What's new in Windows Media Player Plus! version 2.7:
Fixed: broken plug-in functionality on Windows 8.1 after installation of the November 2014 Windows update rollup (KB3000850).
Fixed: possible crash when closing Windows Media Player or when starting media playback.
Fixed: when re-enabling Windows Media Player plug-ins after a crash, Now Playing plug-ins are now ignored. Previously, these plug-ins would become 'enabled' without actually being loaded or a way to disable them again.
By default, the global hotkeys now use the Ctrl+Shift modifiers instead of Ctrl+Win, to prevent possible conflicts with system hotkeys in future versions of Windows. (Reconfiguring the hotkeys to use the Windows key again is of course still allowed, and this change only affects new Windows Media Player Plus! installations.)

Windows Media Player Plus! Screenshot

Windows Media Player Plus! Settings

Latest version: 2.7 (27 Dec 2014)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Download: WMPPlus-2.7.exe (917 KB)
Alternate download location: WMPPlus-2.7.exe

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