jPod 2.0

jPod is a free, lightweight Windows application, replacing iTunes for managing most iPods. It offers standard library functionality (adding, removing, editing) in addition to playlist editing, easy backups, good cover art management, and more, all without any bloat. The user interface is simple and fast, the executable clocks in at a fraction of a megabyte, and there is no installation necessary. With most iPods (see FAQ), you can just put the ~250KB binary on your iPod for maximal portability.

jPod will enable you to:

Add songs and videos to your iPod
Add anything you want (in bulk if need be). Metadata (artist, title, etc.) will be automatically gathered from MP3 files and M4A/AAC/MP4/... Apple files. You can add through the jPod interface or by dragging and dropping files & folders from elsewhere.
iPod-to-iPod transfer
Copy songs between any models of supported iPod (from your iPhone to your big white brick iPod from 2004, no problem), retaining title, album, etc. info and album art (if applicable).
Search within your iPod
Search by string, by existence or lack of cover art, etc.
Edit metadata on your iPod
Edit almost anything that the iPod displays, as well as some things that it doesn't. This can also be done en masse... very useful!
Remove things from your iPod
Shouldn't even warrant inclusion, but some programs fail at this one.
Manage cover art
If your iPod supports cover art, you are in luck. Easily see what image your iPod will display for each song, and change it to your heart's content. Browse all of the cover art already on the iPod or load your own from any image file on your hard drive.
Backup cover art
I don't know why you would need to, but you can. This was a feature I had for debugging.
Manage playlists
Easily add and remove songs from playlists, reorder playlists, make new playlists, delete playlists, rename playlists. If you've ever used tried to use other iPod managers, you may be glad to know that this is implemented well. If you have no need for playlists (like me) then you never have to touch them.
Find duplicates
This is a basic feature to find items in the library that have identical artist and title. It's not very polished, but it performs a valuable function.
Play in music player
jPod isn't a media player, but, of course, if you need to identify the song labeled "Unknown Artist - Song 4", you need to hear it. You can with just a couple of clicks.
Backup files to hard drive
Copy your files individually or en masse to a hard drive.
Manage lost files
Some programs mismanage iPod libraries, leaving orphaned files on the iPod without any database entries, gathering cobwebs in a corner. They may also leave database entries when a file has been deleted from the iPod. While jPod doesn't do any of that, it has a utility where you can fix those problems.
Throw out your mouse
Power users can navigate the program using the keyboard almost exclusively.

What's new in this version:
- Support for iPhone and iPod Touch through 3G/3GS without iTunes (using jPhone)
- Support for iPod Nano 5G
- Support for iPod Shuffle 2G (tested) and iPod Shuffle 3G (untested, no voiceovers)
- Load multiple iPods simultaneously through one instance of jPod
- Transfer media directly between iPods, retaining all metadata and album art (pic)
- Drag and drop files & folders from Windows Explorer, etc.
- Manage lost files (pic ... oops, I used to manage this iPod with other software)
- More descriptive feedback during long operations (e.g. when writing database)
- You can now move the application window while it's performing a long task.
- More keyboard shortcuts
- Fixed some weird behavior with shift key and right-clicking on the list
- jPod is less picky when adding new files, and more descriptive if it fails to add a file.
- Fixed some glitches in parsing metadata from MP3 and AAC files
- Slight redesign of "edit song" interface, album art shows up bigger
- Countless little bug fixes and code refactoring
- jPod now backs up the database each time it writes it, in case other software wipes out the database.

jPod Screenshot

jPod Interface

Latest version: 2.0 (12 Sep 2010)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
Download: (103 KB)

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