x264Gui 0.9.5

This program is a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the x264 codec, a new codec suited for the high definition. Supports job queues and personalized profiles. For an optimal use of the program, the input file should be an Avisynth script. With this program you can encode a video from an Avisynth script. You can select the settings of the codec or use a pre-set profile. x264Gui requires Microsoft .NET framework 3.0 (3.5 or 4.0) available for free here.

Remember that this program is a video encoder, not an audio encoder, so the output file is a video without the audio. In a second moment you must demux the audio from the original video and remux it( eventually coded with an audio codec) in the new video. From the version 0.6 you can also encode the audio, but this feature uses the x264-audio that is still in beta. This feature is disabled by default, you can activate it by setting "auto", "manual" or "direct copy" in the audio tab.

x264Gui main features:
- support for profiles. Each profile consists of the command line, created following the guide of the codec.
- support for the job queues. When the queue is over you can set an operation, for example turn off the pc.
- a menu, "tool" where you can set a program that you want to execute simply by clicking on the menu item. For example a demuxer/muxer for a specific container.

What's new in this version:
- upgraded the codec to rev 2245 by JEEB (8 and 10 bit)

x264Gui Screenshot

x264Gui Interface

Latest version: 0.9.5 (14 Jan 2013)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Download: x264Gui_0.9.5.zip (18.5 MB)
Alternate download location: x264Gui_0.9.5.zip

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