AAX to MP3 Converter 1.1.0 / 1.18.2

AAX Audio Converter 1.18.2 will convert Audible aax files to mp3 and m4a / m4b. AAX Audio Converter will run on Windows 7 and above. All audio processing in AAX Audio Converter, including DRM handling, is carried out by FFmpeg. AAX Audio Converter needs the user's personal Audible activation code to be able to process his/her Audible audiobooks. Note that this software does not ‘crack’ the DRM or circumvent it in any other way. The application simply applies the user's own activation code (associated with his/her personal Audible account) to decrypt the audiobook in the same manner as the official audiobook playing software does. AAX Audio Converter is configured to support high DPI monitors under Windows 10. It will scale properly when the user changes the DPI or scale factor.

The application requires .Net Framework 4.8 to be installed. On Windows 10/11 systems this should normally be the case, if the system is kept up to date. On older Windows versions, the Framework may have to be installed separately. AAX Audio Converter will detect the missing Framework and provide a link to the download, automatically opening the relevant Microsoft web page.

AAX to MP3 Converter 1.1.0 is a free audible converter for Windows Windows designed to help you convert Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks to a more common MP3 audio file format. Audible uses the AA/AAX format to maintain DRM restrictions on their audio books and if you download your book through your library it will be stored in this format. The conversion of AAX to MP3 is fast, free, and requires no iTunes. Once Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks have been converted to MP3, you can enjoy your audiobooks on any music player freely. The purpose of this software is not to circumvent the DRM restrictions for audio books that you do not own in that you do not have them on your personal Audible account. The purpose of this software is to create a method for you to download and store your books just in case Audible fails for some reason. AAX to MP3 converter will generally run fine under Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 on either a 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems.

OSAC 3.0 is the Open Source Audible Converter. Convert audible's proprietary AAX audio files to one of the following file formats: LAME MP3 Audio, AAC M4B Audiobook, FLAC HQ Audio. Adjustable quality slider for MP3 and M4B (FLAC gets encoded @ 2600 kbit/s so prepare for huge file sizes).

AAX Audio Converter Screenshot

Latest version: 1.18.1 / 1.1.0 (29 Sep 2023)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10
Download: AAX Audio Converter 1.18.2 (36.7 MB)
Download: OSAC 3.0 (70.1 MB)
Download: AAX to MP3 Converter 1.1.0 (12.5 MB)

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