Adobe Flash Updater 4.2.1

Adobe Flash Updater provides a convenient way to download and install Adobe Flash Player without any additional software like McAfee Security Scan Plus, toolbars, and other bundled bloatware or crapware. Adobe Flash Updater is a simple tool that will go out and grab the latest versions of Flash Player for Plugin based browsers, and for Internet Explorer. The utility will first close any browsers and processes then automatically download the latest versions from the Adobe Website. This will remove the scheduled task that Adobe creates to check for updates, and the actual updater file as well. This tool will also remove any lingering flash installs in the windows Macromedia folders. This works great on Windows 7 and Windows 8/10 64 bit versions. If Adobe updates its Flash Player then there is no need to re-download this as this will find the latest version.

The FlashUpdater.exe is a x64 exe only and will NOT work on Windows 32-bit.

The updater works in the following way basically:
1) Will close a majority of Flash dependent programs. There are quite a few popular ones
2) Will download the Adobe Uninstaller and uninstall ALL versions of flash based on the Operating system
3) Will clean up any system files based off operating system
4) Clean flash player cache for all users
5) Remove any stale flash player files from Google Chrome that could prevent Flash Player from launching in Chrome for all users
6) Go out to the Official Adobe Website and obtain any relevant Flash Player files based off of your Operating system, and install them. NPAPI, PPAPI, and ActiveX (Windows 7 only)
7) Clean up/delete and files that were downloaded.
8) Set Flash to Update when a new version comes out (tick box is default but can be unchecked)

Adobe Flash Updater Screenshot

Adobe Flash Updater

Latest version: 4.2.1 (13 Feb 2019)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows Vista/7/8/10
Download: FlashUpdater4.2.1.0.exe (1.5 MB)

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