AudioBookConverter 6.5.2 / 2.0

Upgraded AudioBookConverter application based on software MP3 to iPod/iPhone Audio Book Converter (mp3 to m4b converter) and could be used as Audio Converter tool.

Convert audiobooks from MP3 to M4B format mostly known as iPod and iPhone audiobook format. Convert mp3 to Audiobook M4B file extension MPEG-4 Audio Book file. Convert mp3 to ipod format. Convert mp3 to IBook (IPhone) format.

Use iPhone Audiobook features (bookmarks, autosave position, art-work, chapters). Combine multiple MP3 files into a single file for seamless listening. Create chapters for hassle-free navigation. Smart enhancement of audiobook with art work loaded from MP3 files or scanning audiobook folder for cover images. Use all available cores of your PC for maximum performance. AudioBookConverter runs only on Windows 64-bit.

Audio Book Converter 6.5.2:
Convert Audiobook from mp3 to m4b.
Convert mp3 to Audiobook (AAC)
Convert mp3 to ipod format.
Convert mp3 to IBook (IPhone) format.
Convert wma to Audiobook (AAC)
Convert m4a to Audiobook (AAC)

MP3 to M4B Audio Book Converter main features:
Parallel encoding: more cores - faster results
Parallel processing of conversions queue: prepare next book while encoding another
Smart artwork support: combined from MP3 artwork and cover files from MP3 directory
Unicode tags support: keep tags in own language
Advanced chapters support: combining multiple mp3 into chapter, re-import existing chapters from existing m4a/m4b, loading chapters information from mp3 or cue files.
Flexible quality management: find balance between size and quality
Instant playback: listen what you are going to encode
Simple and lightweight user interface: Convert a book with few clicks

Major differences vs original version:
Performance improved form 5 to 15x times (depending on numbers of cores), old version of Faac replaced with fresh FFMpeg.
Added super-fast mode of parallel encoding of MP3 files.
Added Artwork support, smart combination of MP3 images and all images in MP3 folders.
Added Chapters support, based on MP3 files.
Added Qualtity management.
Parallel conversion of queue of several books.
Improved (both speed and quality) of mp3 decoding due to switch to ffmpeg from java based decoder.
Improved tags support according to MP4 specification.
Fixed tags encoding issues due caused by legacy MP3 problems.
Fixed tags encoding issues with non-latin characters.
Faac replaced with FFMpeg
Added MP4V2 to support media for m4b (due to existing issue in ffmpeg
64-bits only support.

All Users - requires admin privileges to install
Single User - install for current user only
Portable - just zip archive - unpack to any place.

AudioBookConverter 2.0
AudioBookConverter 2.0 is yet another super easy tool that uses ffmpeg for transcoding, audio extraction, and splitting of media files. With an intuitive interface, it facilitates seamless handling of multimedia tasks. Utilize its built-in media player to manually select splitting points or follow internal chapters of the source for precise splitting. The tool offers customizable output names and the option to generate playlists (m3u8) for easy organization and playback. Enjoy features like adding, deleting, and updating time points.

AudioBookConverter Screenshot

AudioBookConverter Interface

Latest version: 6.5.2 / 2.0 (22 Jun 2024)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10
Download: AudioBookConverter-All-Users-6.5.2.msi (116.0 MB)
Download: AudioBookConverter-Single-User-6.5.2.msi (116.0 MB)
Download: (111.0 MB)
Download: AudioBookConverter 2.0 (51.1 MB)

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