FixMKVGaps is a portable, standalone tool for repairing Matroska video ( .mkv ) files that get stuck during playback. If you have a mkv file that hangs during playback, it is likely that there are discontinuities in its timestamps. If the mkvmerge tool is installed on your system, FixMKVGaps will use it to remux your .mkv file by removing all the “gaps”. It will leave the original file unchanged and create a _fixed.mkv file that will be the repaired file. The file mkvmerge.exe must be present on your system in order to perform a .mkv file repair and its location must be indicated to the FixMKVGaps application. The mkvmerge file is an essential utility for anyone who wants to manage Matroska files with .mkv extension. It is used to mux different video streams, audio, subtitles, chapters, to make a .mkv file. It is actually not available as an isolated download, but essentially as part of a package of tools called MKVToolnix dedicated to Matroska file management.

FixMKVGaps Screenshot

Latest version: (24 Apr 2020)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10
Download: (824 KB)

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