HAMSTER Free Burning Studio

Hamster Free Burning Studio is a lightweight disc burning suite that performs the most popular burning operations with laser disks: data burning, backup copying, creating music disks, ISO Image burning, creating ISO template, cloning DVDs, CDs or BluRay. The program offers an eye-candy and a straightforward interface, with the main screen listing down all types of discs to burn. To begin, select Data CD/DVD to either add files/folder to the project or specify an ISO file which you wish to burn to disc. Alternatively, you can start off with copying CD/DVD content to inserted media. Hamster Free Burning Studio automatically identifies the type of disk inserted in the tray, its capacity and possible burning speed onto the disk, and uses this information to display the fill factor of the files on the disk and the possibility of clearing the disk for its full rewriting. To make working with Hamster Free Burning Studio more fun, choose your favorite color scheme.

HAMSTER Free Burning Studio Screenshot

HAMSTER Free Burning Studio Interface

Latest version: (11 Jul 2011)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
Download: hamsterfreeburningstudio.exe (6.0 MB)

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