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Kawaii Codec Pack (KCP) is a must-have for anyone that plays Hi10P anime or movies on regular basis, and especially for anyone needs a higher image quality and performance for Hi10P encoded video files. KCP installs MPC-HC, madVR, LAV filters to ensure the best possible 10-bit playback quality. High 10 Profile (Hi10P), also known as 10-bit, is a profile of the h.264 video codec. What is Hi10P? Hi10P encoded videos are h.264 videos, but in 10-bit instead of your regular 8-bit. Which one is better? Hi10p or h.264? Hi10P has a smaller file size (around 30% less) compared to h.264 Hi8P, and quality is the same or even better. Hi10P is the newest standard for fansubbed or encoded releases. After installation, Kawaii Codec Pack ensures superior image quality and performance. If you face issues with Hi10P anime or 1080p playback, give it a try. The KCP Black Edition is the same with the regular version of KCP, except it uses MPC-BE instead of MPC-HC.

Kawaii Codec Pack Screenshot

Latest version: / Beta (31 Mar 2016)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Download: Kawaii Codec Pack (17.4 MB)
Download: Kawaii Codec Pack Black Edition 1.0.8 (20.3 MB)
Download: Kawaii Codec Pack Black Edition Beta (17.3 MB)
Download: Kawaii Codec Pack 64-bit v0.2 (17.7 MB)

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