Kinovea 2023.1.1

Kinovea is an open source video analysis software tailored to sports applications such as comparison, motion analysis, motion tracking, angle tracking, annotation and measurement. It targets primarily the coaches, athletes and medical professionals. It can also be useful in ergonomics and animation study. It provides a set of tools to capture, slow down, study, compare and synchronize, annotate, measure technical performances. Rotate videos. Zoom. Mirror. Deinterlace. Fix aspect ratio. Enrich the video by adding video annotations like labels and numbers, lines and arrows, curves, multi-line paths, rectangles, markers, freehand drawings. Draw attention to something using the spotlight or magnifier tools. Capture and record camera streams. Kinovea is based on the FFMpeg libraries and thus can read almost any video format you will throw at it.

Kinovea Screenshot

Latest version: 2023.1.1 (24 Nov 2023)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10
Download: Kinovea 2023.1.1 | Kinovea Portable (~25.0 MB)
Download: Kinovea 0.9.5 | Portable 0.9.5 (~23.0 MB)
Download: Kinovea Manual (19.6 MB)

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