Krita Desktop 5.2.2

Krita is a unique application designed for digital painting, concept art, sketching, comics and the creation of textures for things like game art or 3D models. It is designed around existing real-world painting materials and artist workflows, but it is also packed with functions digital artists require, like layers, filters, perspective grids, dockers, filters, painting assistants, vector-based path drawing, typography tools, built-in color-management, support for vector layers, transformation tools, Autosave and Backup feature, wide support of formats including GIMP and Photoshop. Krita offers an end-to-end solution for creating masterful artistry at any level. Krita offers CMYK support, HDR painting, perspective grids, dockers, filters, painting assistants, and many other features you would expect. Krita has a highly flexible and user-friendly interface.

Krita Desktop Screenshot

Krita Desktop Interface

Latest version: 5.2.2 x64 / 4.4.3 x86 (07 Dec 2023)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10
Download: Krita 64-bit | Portable 64-bit (~170.0 MB)
Download: Krita 32-bit | Portable 32-bit (~100.0 MB)
Download: Krita Shell Extension 1.2.4b (1.3 MB)

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