LAMEr 1.21 Beta

LAMEr is a Front-End for LAME. LAME is one of the best MP3 encoders available - and the best thing about it: it is completely free and Open Source. Due to the nature of LAME being a command line only program, it is not so nicely to handle as other MP3 encoders if you're not a hardcore user eager to remember and type all the parameters you need for the encoding job. Not speaking about batch encoding of multiple files, which is impossible with the stand-alone LAME executable. Introducing LAMEr by 1oo% - now, you have a GUI for setting parameters quick 'n' easy, the possibility of batch encoding, including tagging the encoded files with ID3 tags. You can specify the Title field of the ID3 Tag separately for EACH file, a feature not available in most of the other front ends or generally encoders. This eases the task of correctly tagging encoded files, which people didn't care much about in the past. LAMEr also comes with a built-in audio recorder, you can use it for realtime encoding of audio streams thru line-in or other input devices. Portable app, no install required.

LAMEr Screenshot

Latest version: 1.00 Stable/1.21 Beta (06 Feb 2002)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows (All)
Download: (50.6 KB)
Download: (68.4 KB)

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