MediaInfo.NET 7.3

MediaInfo.NET is a portable Windows application designed for viewing detailed media file information. It offers a user-friendly interface with separate tabs for each track in video files, facilitating seamless navigation with next and previous options. Moreover, users can access parameters in their raw form and generate comprehensive tables for all files within a folder, presenting essential details such as format, extension, display aspect ratio (DAR), resolution, data rate, file size, duration, frame rate, and more. MediaInfo.NET offers key features such as high DPI support, tabbed viewing for each track, easy navigation within folders, raw parameter display, customizable light and dark themes, extensive appearance settings, specialized encoding presentation, a compact summary and a convenient update check with PowerShell-based updates.

To enable file associations in MediaInfo.NET, right-click and select "Install" from the context menu. This will add a "MediaInfo" option to the context menu in Windows File Explorer when you right-click on a media file.
For power users there is Open with++ for Windows File Explorer integration with icon support.
On x86 replace MediaInfo.dll with the x86 version found on the MediaInfo website.
Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 or later.

Open media files in Windows File Explorer through the context menu, via drag and drop, or using the context menu. Theme colors are customizable in the "Settings.xml" file rather than being hard-coded. Developers can enable the raw view, displaying parameter names aligned with the MediaInfo API.

MediaInfo.NET Screenshot

Latest version: 7.3.0 (02 Apr 2022)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10
Download: (2.8 MB)

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