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Nero InfoTool provides information about the most important features of installed drives, inserted discs, installed software, and much more. You obtain detailed data on drive properties such as firmware, buffer size, serial number, production date and, for DVD drives, the current DVD region code. Furthermore, Nero InfoTool tells you the name and version number of the operating system, the ASPI manager, and the installed burning applications and also tells you about the hardware configuration of the computer. Nero InfoTool supports the Screenreader technology (screen reading program). This is an alternative user interface with which the written items can be output acoustically from the screen.

Discover Nero Infotool 11 Portable: Your on-the-go solution for disc analysis! Check disc health and compatibility anytime, anywhere with this handy tool. Easy to use and packed with features, Nero Infotool Portable simplifies disc management for everyone. Download, install, and explore the interface effortlessly. Stay updated and keep your discs in top shape with regular checks and benchmarking. Nero Infotool Portable provides a user-friendly interface, making it simple for anyone to understand and utilize its features.

Nero Infotool 5 (portable) still available for download: Ideal for Older PCs and Ease of Use
Get detailed insights into your system setup with Nero Infotool Perfect for older PCs or those seeking simplicity, this version offers enhanced features without overwhelming complexity. Ideal for users who prefer a straightforward approach to media management. This old version provides diagnostic tests for CD/DVD drives, system configuration, and software versions. With its user-friendly interface, Nero Infotool 5 helps troubleshoot issues and ensure compatibility with disc media effortlessly.

Nero InfoTool Screenshot

Nero InfoTool Interface

Latest version: 11 ( (06 Dec 2016)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
Download: (28.9 MB)
Download: Nero InfoTool 11 Portable (3.9 MB)
Download: Nero InfoTool 5 Portable (28.9 MB)

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