Opus Audio Codec 1.5.2-10

Opus is a completely free audio codec that's super versatile and designed for sending both speech and music over the internet. You can use Opus for online calls (Voice over IP), chatting in games, and even live music performances. It works for everything from low-quality voice chats to high-quality stereo music. So, whether you're just talking or listening to music, Opus has you covered. Opus isn't just for live streaming. When used with the right container format, it's also perfect for saving music and sounds. This means you can use it for music libraries, game soundtracks, and on portable music players. Opus can replace older, high-latency formats like MP3, AAC, and Vorbis. This makes it a modern, efficient choice for all your audio needs.

For now, the best way to convert Opus files is to use TAudioConverter, LameXP or XMedia Recode. If you just want to play Opus audio, then there are plenty of applications that will play Opus files natively and without re-encoding needed: MusicBee, AIMP, Foobar2000, Winyl and VLC VideoLAN Media Player.

Opus FrontEnd Screenshot

Opus FrontEnd

Latest version: 1.5.2-10 / 1.5.2 (23 May 2024)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows (All)
Download: Opus Audio Codec 1.5.2-10 (3.6 MB)
Download: Opus Audio Codec 1.5.2 (5.1 MB)
Download: Opusfile 0.9 (1.4 MB)
Download: Opus Frontend

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