QWinFF 1.0.1 / 0.2.1

QWinFF is an easy-to-use media converter frontend to FFmpeg. FFmpeg is a powerful command-line utility to convert audio and video file into numerous formats. QWinFF features a rich set of presets to help users use FFmpeg easily without having to manually input command-line flags. Average users can convert multiple media files in just a few clicks, while advanced users can still adjust conversion parameters in detail. Features include many pre-defined conversion settings for common formats, view file information (codec, bitrate, framerate, etc.), convert multiple files into the same output format at once, adjust video/audio quality (sample rate, bitrate, etc.), adjust video/audio speed (preserving pitch), convert video to audio, shutdown after conversion, drag&drop, adjust video/audio quality (sample rate, bitrate, etc.) and more.

QWinFF Portable QT5 1.0.1 for Windows 64-bit (fork)
This is a portable Windows 64-bit release. Fork updated with current QT 5.15.2 (LTS). You can unzip it and run it from the directory without installing anything. This branch is an attempt to revive QWinFF for my own and others' use. For the forseeable future, this will be a WINDOWS-ONLY project.

Builds on Windows command-line using Qt5
Focus is on Windows portable builds
Updated to build in Qt 5.15.2 (LTS)
Removed power management-related. It appears that this never really worked.
Removed installer-related items. Will be focusing on portable use case.

QWinFF Screenshot

QWinFF Interface

Latest version: 0.2.1 / 1.0.1 64-bit QT5 Fork (24 Sep 2023)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Download: Windows 64-bit Portable QT5 (107.0 MB)
Download: QWinFF Installer (21.5 MB)
Download: QWinFF Portable (20.0 MB)

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