Rad Video Tools 2024.05

Rad Video Tools contains a simple BIK Video Player and Converter that gives you total control over and Bink (.bik) and Smacker (.smk) video files for any game that uses this compression technology. Bink videos look amazing! Bink 2 videos look absolutely perfect - it uses a sophisticated deblocking algorithm, so your videos will look great even at super low data rates. Bink will always make the best possible video for your data rate. Developed by RAD Game Tools, is a proprietary video file format (extension .bik) developed by RAD Game Tools and used primarily in computer games. The RAD Video Tools give you everything you need to create, use and distribute Bink and Smacker video files. The program comes with several predefined conversion profiles and also supports custom encoder settings for advanced users. Rad Video Tools also includes an option to convert QuickTime (.MOV, .MP4) file formats to .AVI. Requires QuickTime Codecs to be installed on your computer.

Rad Video Tools 2024.05 changelog:
Fixed up the Linux player a bit.
Switched to GDK 03.2024.
Fixed a possible crash on corrupted frame header sizes - now will just fail to open.
Added a new secret platform.

Note: RAD Video Tools is a 7zip compressed and encrypted file - password: RAD

Rad Video Tools Screenshot

Bink Converter Interface

Latest version: 2024.05 (16 May 2024)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
Download: RADTools.7z (1.0 MB)

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