Raw Image Extension 2.3.1221

The Raw Image Extension codec enables native viewing compatibility for raw image files generated by a broad spectrum of advanced digital camera models. By utilizing the offline installer, users can seamlessly integrate this free extension into their Windows PC environment without relying on the Microsoft Store. Once installed via the .appx file, you gain the ability to conveniently preview thumbnails and metadata of supported raw formats directly within Windows File Explorer and the Photos app. Notably, while the extension boasts broad camera support, it currently lacks compatibility with certain raw formats like GPR.

Raw Image Extension Update: CR3 Support and Fixes
This updated version of the Raw Image Extension now includes support for CR3 files, the Canon RAW format, alongside various bug fixes. Please note that Windows 10 May 2019 Update (version number 1903) or later is required for installation. The extension is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Effortlessly View and Manage Your Raw Photos on Windows

Expanded Raw Image Compatibility
Give Windows the ability to handle photos from a wider range of cameras by adding support for various raw image formats, including CR2, NEF, ARW, RW2, and others.

Instant Image Previews
See your raw images instantly! Get high-quality thumbnails and full-size previews right in the software, no need to switch programs.

Metadata Display
View detailed camera settings and shooting information directly in the software. This helps photographers organize and analyze their images more effectively.

Raw-to-JPEG Conversion
Easily convert raw images to standard JPEG format right within the software. This lets you share and view them without needing special programs.

Seamless Integration with Windows File Explorer
Work with your raw photos right in File Explorer! Organize, view, and even do basic edits – just like you would with any other picture.

Raw Image Extension

Latest version: 2.3.1221 (02 May 2024)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows 10/11
Download: Raw Image Extension 2.3.1221 (3.2 MB)

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