StaxRip is an all-in-one video encoding tool designed to convert Blu-ray/DVD/DVB and other video formats to DivX, XviD, x265, H.264. It supports countless media formats (XviD, x264/H264/AVC, x265/H265/HEVC, VP9, AVI, MP4, MKV, WEBM) and audio formats (MP3, AC3, MP2/MPA, AAC, DTS, WAV). Hardware encoding for AMD, Intel and NVIDIA. AviSynth and VapourSynth code editor. Copy modes for audio and video for plain remuxing. Cut/Trim/Edit feature, for MKV output no re-encoding required. Includes demuxing GUIs for MP4Box, mkvextrakt, ffmpeg and eac3to. Pixel perfect High DPI scaling. Video processing is supported via AviSynth+ and VapourSynth with AviSynth+ and VapourSynth being equally supported. Along with video processing, you can make a contact sheet (aka Thumbnails). Other then video encoding, StaxRip is capable of creating short high quality animation in the form of gif or aPNG (it’s just a normal PNG file but animated). Additional features include batch processing, automatic internet updates, rich and convenient cutting/trim facilities for tasks like removing ads, a variety of ready-to-use profiles to choose from such as iPad, iPhone, PS3, Xbox 360, support for subtitles, reasonable default values for filters and codecs and more.

StaxRip Screenshot

Latest version: (07 Nov 2019)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows Vista/7/8/10
Download: StaxRip 64-bit (187.0 MB)

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