TagScanner 6.1.9

TagScanner is a feature-packed audio tag editor for organizing your music collection. TagScanner can edit tags of mostly audio formats, rename files based on the tag information, generate tag information from filenames, and perform any transformations of text from tags and filenames. Also you may get album info via online databases like freedb or Amazon. Supports ID3v1, ID3v2, Vorbis comments, APEv2, WindowsMedia and MP4(iTunes) tags. Powerful TAG editor with batch functions and special features. Playlist maker with ability to export playlists to HTML or Excel. Easy-to-use interface. Built-in player. TagScanner supports MP3, OGG, Monkey's Audio, FLAC, AAC, OptimFROG, SPEEX, WavePack, TrueAudio, WMA, MP4 files.

TagScanner 6.1.9 changelog:
Improve visual appearance on systems with 200% and higher scaling
Additional detection and indication of non-native tag formats for FLAC, MP4 and WMA files
Fixed: Covers didn't resized to selected format while used Import covers wizard
Fixed: Size of covers didn't changed for WebP
Fixed: Work with WAV and AIFF files larger than 2GB
Changed: Filenames no longer affected by Transformations rules on Tag generation from filename module
Updated MP4 support

TagScanner Screenshot

TagScanner Interface

Latest version: 6.1.9 (03 Jun 2021)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Download: TagScanner 32-bit | Portable 32-bit (2.6 MB)
Download: TagScanner 64-bit | Portable 64-bit (3.0 MB)

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