ViPER4Windows 1.1

ViPER4Windows (v4w) is a sound enhancement software for Windows offering much better sound on laptop speakers, or on your HiFi system. The program improves the sound quality from headphones, on-board or external speakers. Enhance computer audio and make music, movies, video games, on-line radio sound better. Raise volume above maximum. Use 'Post Volume' function to boost sound of instant messaging programs like Skype, YouTube videos, web browsers, any kind of media player, video game or any other PC program that plays audio. Increase volume on your laptop. Using ViPER4Windows you can boost audio while, at the same time improve the sound of small speaker systems, like portable speakers, laptop speakers, or headphones without having to sacrifice audio quality for portability. ViPER’s Audio improves bass with its Dynamic bass system and ViPER Bass. Not a fan of strong bass? ViPER’s Audio is excellent in terms of clarity with its unique ViPER Clarity and XHiFi. Users can then further personalize the sound through the use of advanced ViPER’s Surround settings including Field Surround, Differential Surround (Haas Effect) and Virtual Headphone Surround+. ViPER’s Audio is beyond any doubt a favorite of audiophiles all over the world.

How to get Viper4Windows working on Windows 10 and newer:
Install ViPER4Windows first. Right-click the V4W_Setup.exe, choose ''Run as administrator''. Reboot.

Download Viper4Windows Windows 10 Patch version 1.1.
Unzip the file.
Run the 'v4w-patcher.bat' file.
Reboot your PC.

Update: Download ViPER4Windows Patcher 2.1 if ViPER4Windows Patcher v1.1 doesn't install correctly.

ViPER4Windows Patcher 2.1 features:
Add Windows 11 Support.
ViPER4Windows run as admin patch.
Major cosmetic improvements.


Latest version: 1.1 / Patcher 2.1 (15 Apr 2023)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows Vista/7/8/10/11
Download: (11.9 MB)

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