WebP Image Extensions 1.1.1221

The Microsoft WebP Image Extension will enable you to open and view WebP images in Windows 10 and 11 and without needing to convert them to other formats. WebP, developed by Google, is a modern image format that offers both lossless and lossy compression, resulting in smaller yet richer web images compared to standard formats like PNG and JPEG. WebP is natively supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and other tools and libraries. According to Google developers, lossless WebP images may be as much as 26% smaller than PNGs. Identifying a WebP image is easy; simply look for the .WEBP extension. By installing the WebP image extensions, Windows 10 and Windows 11 users can effortlessly view and utilize WebP images.

Convert, edit, and view WebP on Windows
Easily handle WebP images on Windows using free photo software. Here's a quick guide using popular tools:

WebP Codec for Windows
Install the official WebP codec by Google allows applications using Windows Imaging Component (WIC) to seamlessly view WebP files. This codec enhances compatibility with the modern WebP image format, offering lossless and lossy compression for web images.

webPGUI (Encoding Tool GUI) - WebP Bulk Converter
This user-friendly tool provides a graphical interface for WebP encoder to batch convert popular image formats like JPEG, PNG, or BMP to WebP. This tool simplifies the conversion process, making it easier to work with WebP files. You can use one of many encoder tools and plugins available, but none of them have the same options of the official encoder tool provided by Google.

User-friendly photo editing tools that natively support WebP files
You can edit WebP files using free photo editing tools like GIMP, Paint.NET, or PhotoDemon which natively open WebP files by default. These tools offer different interfaces and functionalities, when working with WebP files on Windows.

Third-party WebP image viewers
FastStone Image Viewer, JPEGView, XnView and the sleek and customizable ImageGlass are all great additional software apps for viewing WebP images on Windows, each offering versatile support for various image file formats.

WebP Image Extensions Screenshot

Latest version: 1.1.1221 (09 May 2024)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows 10/11
Download: WebP Image Extensions 1.1.1221 (1.5 MB)

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