WinAudioDecodeR 0.1.0

WinAudioDecodeR is a multi-threaded GUI application for bulk decoding audio files, detecting errors, and generating reports. Ideal for music enthusiasts and collectors, WinAudioDecodeR supports FLAC, MP3, WavPack, and Ogg-Vorbis file types, featuring drag-and-drop functionality and network drive compatibility for seamless management of collections, regardless of size. Supports WavPack encoded DSD files, including MD5 Checksum verification. Entire collections can be scanned, decoded, and checked for errors or problems. Supports a wide-range of Use cases; from processing a few files to processing many thousands of files. WinAudioDecodeR operates in read-only mode, ensuring file safety by not modifying decoded files.

WinAudioDecodeR Screenshot

Latest version: 0.1.0 (10 Apr 2024)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
Download: WinAudioDecodeR 64-bit (475 KB)
Download: WinAudioDecodeR 32-bit (435 KB)

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