Efficient Video Compressor 0.9

Efficient Video Compressor (Simple Media Encoder, Efficient Media Encoder) is a portable transcoder which allows you to re-encode and compress your media files quickly and efficiently with this convenient tool. Capable of handling diverse file types supported by FFMPEG, it offers the flexibility to export video, audio, or both. Choose from quality presets or fine-tune codecs, adjust audio bitrate, and even rescale videos with automatic aspect ratio correction. set a target file size for efficient compression of large files, modify video and audio speed, or manually configure video framerate. Advanced users can explore into custom FFMPEG arguments, making it a comprehensive solution for media compression needs.

With this tool, one may:
Re-encode any file type supported by FFMPEG
Choose whether to export video, audio, or both
Quickly select a quality preset, or manually choose your codecs
Choose audio bitrate
Re-scale video with automatic aspect ratio adjustment
Manually adjust aspect ratio
Specify a target file size for easy compression of large files
Change the video and audio speed or manually set a video framerate
Specify custom FFMPEG arguments for advanced use

Efficient Video Compressor Screenshot

Efficient Video Compressor Interface

Latest version: 0.9 Beta (14 Nov 2023)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10
Download: SimpleMediaEncoder-0.9.0-beta-win64.zip (74.7 MB)

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