Image Viewer 1.6.2

Discover a simple and cross-platform image viewer inspired by GPicView. This lightweight and fast viewer for Windows, is perfect as a portable default image viewer. Support for a wide range of image formats and embedded ICC profiles ensures optimal viewing of your photos and images. With support for EXIF, XMP, and other metadata, you can explore detailed information about your files. Enjoy a seamless image viewing experience with its simple and intuitive interface. Say goodbye to complicated tasks - this versatile viewer is designed to enhance your default image viewing on Windows systems.

Image Viewer supports a variety of common image file formats, including:
JPEG, HEIF, WEBP, JPEG XL, PNG, AVIF, BMP, GIF, TIFF, ICO, as well as vector formats like SVG.
Support for RAW camera formats like DNG, CR2, NEF allows viewing of unprocessed image files.
PSD support enables viewing of Photoshop layered files.

ImageViewer 1.6.2 features list:
Lightweight image viewer inspired by GPicView.
Specifically designed as a viewer, not an editor or organizer.
Supports a wide range of image formats for versatile compatibility.
Embedded ICC profile support for accurate color representation.
Supports EXIF, XMP, and other metadata for detailed image information.
Intuitive interface for easy navigation and user-friendly experience.
Ideal for use as the default image viewer on Windows desktop systems.
Portable and compatible with Windows for convenient usage on the go.
Efficiently handles large collections of images without performance issues.
Offers a streamlined and clutter-free interface.
Perfect for users seeking a simplified and efficient image viewer.
Lightweight nature ensures quick loading and browsing of images.
Enhances image viewing experience with its simplicity and functionality.

Image Viewer Screenshot

ImageViewer Interface

Latest version: 1.6.2 (05 Jul 2024)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10/11
Download: Image Viewer 64-bit | Portable (~20.0 MB)
Download: ARM64 | Portable

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