WIC for JPEG XL 1.0

JPEG XL WIC is a plugin that helps your Windows computer understand and use JPEG XL images. The "WIC" part stands for Windows Imaging Component. With WIC for JPEG XL installed, you don't need any special software to view JPEG XL (.jxl) images. You can simply use the built-in tools that come with Windows. With it, you can open and view JPEG XL pictures easily using programs like Windows Explorer, Microsoft Photo Viewer, or Microsoft Photos. WIC for JPEG XL eliminates the need for additional software or complicated processes, allowing you to view and manage JPEG XL images using the tools you already have on your computer.

The JPEG XL WIC decoder makes it easy for your Windows computer to work with the latest and greatest image format. It helps your computer keep up with the latest technology and make the most of JPEG XL's awesome image quality and small file sizes.

What is JPEG XL?
JPEG XL is better than old formats like JPEG and WebP, making pictures smaller without losing quality, so your pictures take up less space on your device. It's faster than AVIF and can shrink existing JPEG pictures without much quality loss. JPEG XL (.jxl) is great at keeping quality high even when making files tiny.

What is WIC?
The "WIC" part stands for Windows Imaging Component. This is a system within Windows that helps different software and apps handle images. By providing a WIC implementation for JPEG XL, this technology integrates the JPEG XL format directly into the core image-handling functions of the Windows operating system.

Once you install the JPEG XL WIC decoder, your computer will be able to:

// - Open and view JPEG XL images
// - Edit and save JPEG XL images
// - Use JPEG XL images in your programs and apps
// - Share and send JPEG XL images to others

How to convert JPG to JPEG XL?
For converting files to JPEG XL, rely on XL Converter, a powerful bulk image converter supporting JPEG XL, AVIF, WEBP, and JPG formats. It operates swiftly with multithreading, drag 'n drop functionality, and intelligent tools, ensuring rapid and efficient JPEG XL conversion.

JPEG XL WIC vs JXL-Winthumb

WIC for JPEG XL offers an easy-to-use installer that eliminates the need for command line usage. On the other hand, while JXL-Winthumb boasts the most recent JPEG XL version, its manual installation via the command line can be time-consuming and challenging for some users. Ultimately, the choice is yours.


Latest version: 1.0 (25 May 2024)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10/11
Download: WIC for JPEG XL 1.0 (2.6 MB)
Download: JXL-Winthumb 0.8.0 (1.8 MB)

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