LazyAss CD - Image Ripper v11

Small tool to dump/convert/rip physical CDs or virtual images of your games, you can possibly use it to rip your audio CDS but know that in this case you will have to wait at least 10 minutes for the operation to complete. REMEMBER this tool does not replace programs dedicated to dump or to conversion of cd, it can be a good basis to rip some old games console (PC-ENGINE CD, PC-FX, SEGA CD, SEGA SATURN, PSX). The program is portable, for instance, so easy to use anywhere. Download and unzip it where required.

Features of LazyAss CD - Image Ripper:
Dump CD from physical CD/DVD drives
Convert any CD image format to cue/bin format
Extract iso and wav file from physical and virtual CD/DVD
Encode extracted wav audio file to most common audio format
Create Cue/Sheet file compatible with any game console emulator

LazyAss CD - Image Ripper v11 changelog:
A lot of bug fix
Now you can rebuild in cue/bin format by "binmerge"
Added Nero AAC encoding/decoding support (encode/decode is not attached search by google)
Added a control to verify if a cue/bin is in Redump format
Fixed annoing bug that play sound when a task was already finished
Added extraction of raw data in 2352 mode by Disco Hawk engine
Fixed Saturn Mode Cue creation in any circumstance
Correct a small bug on cue rebuild introduced in last version
Updated Mokey's Audio and FAAC/FAAD tools

LazyAss CD - Image Ripper Screenshot

LazyAss CD - Image Ripper Interface

Latest version: 11 (20 Jan 2019)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Download: (9.5 MB)

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