Multi-Delogo 2.3.0

Multi-Delogo is a handy video logo remover application that helps you remove logos or other watermarks from videos. Even if the position of the logo changes from time to time, multi-delogo allows you to mark all the positions and generate a video without the logos and the output keep the same file format, video/audio codec and almost the same quality as the original. Remove a transparent watermark, company logo, text watermark, embedded subtitles, even a specified object. Multi-Delogo supports a wide range of video formats natively. You don't need to install any codecs into your system to open, process and save a video stream in any supported format. Please note, Multi-Delogo is compatibile with Windows 64-bit only.

Multi-Delogo 2.3.0 changelog:
Fixed bug that prevented the drawbox filter to be used because of changes in its syntax.
Fixed bug that prevented the video to be encoded when there was a delogo filter that touched an edge of the video frame.
Fixed bug that caused a crash if there is an error reading a frame while finding logos.
Added a function to shift the starting frames of a range of filters.
Show previous frames has a new mode, that displays the same region as the main frame, with the same zoom.
MP4 files generated by multi-delogo are now faststart enabled for better streaming support.
Added --verbose command-line option to output debugging information.

Multi-Delogo Screenshot

Latest version: 2.3.0 (02 Jan 2019)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10
Download: Multi-Delogo 2.3.0 | Multi-Delogo manual

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