MusicPlayer2 2.76.1

MusicPlayer2 stands out as a versatile audio playback tool, boasting a rich feature set. It seamlessly combines music playback, karaoke-style lyrics display, format conversion, and more. With support for various audio formats, users can enjoy features like album cover display, spectrum analysis, and customizable sound effects. The software allows toggling between dark and light interface modes and incorporating external images as album covers. Offering format conversion, sampling frequency adjustment, and MIDI music handling, MusicPlayer2 utilizes the BASS audio library for its playback core and the open-source TagLib library for managing tag information and album covers. Users can effortlessly convert audio into popular file types like wav, mp3, wma, and ogg, making it a versatile audio player with a robust feature set, perfect as a nimble alternative to larger options or a portable USB solution.

Select your ideal Musicplayer2 playback settings: Personalize your experience
MusicPlayer2 presents three playback core choices: BASS, the recommended selection for high-quality performance; MCI core, offering limited support and potential bugs; and FFMPEG core, broadening format support but requiring an additional download. Users can opt for the core that best fits their needs. BASS ensures reliable performance and extensive compatibility with various audio formats, including mp3 (MPEG audio), FLAC, WAV audio, Opus, WavePack, Dolby Digital AC-3, Musepack, Speex, tta (The True Audio), m4a (Apple Lossless Audio Codec), ape (Monkey's Audio), aac, and more through the BASS audio library.

System Requirements and troubleshooting
MusicPlayer2 depends on the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime environment. If you encounter a 'MSVC*.dll not found' error during program startup, please follow the provided link to download and install the necessary Microsoft Visual C++ runtime environment.

Resolving Missing api-ms-win-*.dll Issue in MusicPlayer2 on Windows 7
When starting under Windows 7 system, it prompts that it is missing api-ms-win-*.dll. Please click here to download the missing dll file. Based on your Windows version, copy the matching DLL to the directory where the MusicPlayer2 main program is located to solve the problem.

MusicPlayer2 Screenshot

MusicPlayer2 Interface

Latest version: 2.76.1 (21 Oct 2023)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10/11
Download: MusicPlayer2 64-bit (5.4 MB)
Download: MusicPlayer2 32-bit (5.1 MB)

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