NPS Image Editor 4.1.5 Build 3636

NPS Image Editor is a unique image editing application that is perfect for pixel art, drawing and photo editing. Its user interface resembles the familiar interface of Microsoft Paint, but NPS further elaborates on the design and adds many modern features including multiple layers. The included advanced color picker can be used on its own to manipulate colors and easily copy/paste them into other programs.

Among many other things, NPS includes a plethora of drawing tools – brushes, shapes, filters, and more. It offers a ton of features, including 50 image filters, multiple selection tools including free-form (lasso) select; shapes including rectangles, ellipses, and Bézier curves; processing tools such as black-and-white, red eye removal, and bitwise operations; photo manipulation tools including a clone stamp and warp tool; text tool with customizable fonts and effects; standard ancillary tools such as panning and eyedropper, and more.

Customizable themes
NPS Image Editor supports dark mode and will automatically switch to the appropriate mode based on your system. Unlike many skins and color schemes available on competing products, NPS's color schemes are able to follow your system color settings in order to seamlessly blend in no matter how you set your color scheme in Windows. You can customize the appearance of NPS Image Editor and Color Picker with numerous color schemes, ranging from light to dark, minimalist to colorful.

Perform non-destructive editing operations by separating your image data out into multiple translucent layers. Operate on one layer without affecting others. Move layers around without moving their pixels or overwriting the pixels below.

Release notes for this version
Added auto-copy checkbox to welcome screen quick snip
Refine selection: added left, right, up, down
Fixed Options dialog navigation not following active page
Added Nookkinize filter
Added icon for Quick Snip to start menu

NPS Image Editor

Latest version: (07 May 2024)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows 10/11
Download: NPS Image Editor Portable (10.8 MB)
Download: NPS Image Editor Installer (7.3 MB)

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