PhotoDemon 8.4

PhotoDemon is a portable photo editor focused on pro-grade features, high performance, and usability. It runs on any Windows PC (XP through Win 10 32-bit or 64-bit) does not require installation, administrator rights, Internet access or special hardware requirements. Feel free to run it on a USB stick or portable drive.

The current build provides more than 200 professional-grade tools, including digital darkroom essentials like shadow/highlight recovery, multi-channel curves, content-aware resizing, and HDR. PhotoDemon comes with a built-in macro recorder and batch processor. Its UI is fully themable, with built-in light, dark, and monochrome themes. All tools support real-time previews, custom presets, keyboard nav, and unlimited Undo/Redo. PhotoDemon has been designed to work anywhere in the world, regardless of language or locale settings. Translations are currently provided for 20+ languages.

Pro-grade features and tools:

Extensive file format support, including all major RAW formats
Color-managed workflow, including full support for embedded ICC profiles
Non-destructive editing for select features, including resizing, rotation, and common adjustments
2D transformations: advanced rescale operators (Sinc, Catmull-Rom, etc), content-aware scaling (seam carving), crop, straighten, shear, zoom
Adjustment tools: levels, curves, HDR, white balance, split-toning, green screen, Wratten filters, and more
Filters and effects: perspective correction, edge detection, noise removal, content-aware blur, unsharp masking, lens diffraction, vignetting, and many more
Some ~200 tools are provided in the current build.

What's new in PhotoDemon 8.4:
Highlights of this release include new clone and pattern brush tools, a new gradient tool, support for Adobe Photoshop (PSD) images, animated GIF and PNG images, Windows Icon (ICO) images, and OpenRaster (ORA) images, massive performance improvements, new filters and effects, and much more.

PhotoDemon is completely open-source and available under a permissive BSD license. PhotoDemon ongoing development is supported by donations. If you enjoy using the program, please consider becoming a patron on Patreon, or making a one-time donation through PayPal.

PhotoDemon Screenshot

Latest version: 8.4 (24 Sep 2020)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Download: (12.5 MB)

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