Simple Video Editor 1.5.0

Simple Video Editor is an user-friendly frontend for FFmpeg that streamlines the video editing process. This fully portable application simplifies video manipulation and offers a range of features accessible with just a few clicks. Trim, crop, rotate, and resize your videos effortlessly. Modify audio levels, delete duplicate frames, and even adjust playback speed with ease. Explore advanced capabilities including the ability to detect and remove duplicate content from multiple videos, create creative videos from image collections, and generate custom command line arguments for use in other FFmpeg scripts.

Basic Video Editing Features:
Trim Start/End: Easily cut and remove unwanted portions from your video.
Crop: Crop your video either manually or automatically for a perfect frame.
Rotate: Correct the orientation of your video clips.
Reduce Resolution: Resize your video to fit different display platforms.
Convert File Type: Switch between video file formats effortlessly.
Modify Volume: Adjust audio levels to create the perfect sound.
Delete Duplicate Frames: Improve video quality by eliminating redundant frames.
Change Playback Speed: Speed up or slow down your video playback for dramatic effects.
Reduce Framerate: Achieve a cinematic look by altering the frame rate.
Color Key: Enhance your video with color correction and effects.

Advanced Features:
Purge video duplicates, organize your library for enhanced content management effortlessly.
Create videos from images: Transform image collections into captivating videos.
Create flexible command line arguments for use in various FFmpeg scripts and enhance script versatility.

Simple Video Editor Screenshot

Latest version: (13 Nov 2023)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10/11
Download: (33.4 MB)

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