SmartDeblur 1.27

SmartDeblur is a tool for restoration of defocused and blurred images. Blur can be caused by inaccurate focusing or by camera shaking during exposition. The program uses algorithms based on several deconvolution techniques (Wiener, Tikhonov, Total Variation prior). Use the application to fix out of focus blur, motion blur, or Gaussian blur. SmartDeblur features high speed processing of an image with the size of 2048*1500 pixels takes about 300ms in the Preview mode, real-time parameters changes applying, full resolution processing, deep tuning of kernel parameters, easy and friendly user interface. An included sample with prompt shows you how it works. SmartDeblur 1.27 is portable, no installation is required.

SmartDeblur Screenshot

SmartDeblur Interface

Latest version: 1.27 (23 Oct 2013)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows Vista/7/8/10
Download: (7.0 MB)
Download: SmartDeblur Portable (5.8 MB)

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