Transmission Remote GUI 5.18.4.f

Transmission Remote GUI is an open-source graphical user interface (GUI) application designed to manage the Transmission BitTorrent client remotely. It provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for controlling torrent downloads and uploads on a remote Transmission server. With this software, users can monitor and manage their torrent activities, including adding, pausing, resuming, and removing torrents, all from a remote location. Transmission Remote GUI offers features like sorting and filtering torrents, viewing details about each download, and adjusting download settings. This tool simplifies the process of managing torrents on a headless server or a distant machine, enhancing the convenience and accessibility of the Transmission BitTorrent client for users who prefer a GUI interface.

Transmission Remote GUI 5.18.4.f
This version represents a derivative of a fork. This release serves as a transient host for Transmission Remote GUI, given the apparent inactivity of both the community-maintained version and the original project.

Transmission Remote GUI 5.0.2
This is the original project, seemingly without ongoing maintenance or updates. It's advised to switch to Transmission Remote GUI 5.18.4.f for the latest features.

Transmission Remote GUI 5.18.0
This is a derivative of the initial project, which appears inactive, with the last release on Oct 12, 2019.

Transmission Remote GUI Screenshot

Transmission Remote GUI Interface

Latest version: 5.18.4.f / 5.18.0 / 5.0.2 (11 Dec 2023)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10
Download: Transmission Remote GUI 5.18.4.f (2.2 MB)
Download: v5.18.0 64-bit | Portable 64-bit (~3.0 MB)
Download: v5.18.0 32-bit | Portable 32-bit (~2.0 MB)
Download: Transmission Remote GUI 5.0.2 (2.7 MB)

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